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Sparkrite range

Ignition Systems

SX4000 Sparkrite™ universal ignition

Sparkrite Points / Electronic Ignition Amplifier

Suitable for:
all 6 - 12v Negative earth points & condenser type distributors.

The new SX4000 can change your classic vehicles ignition set up to an amplified system utilising the points, at the flick of a switch.
There is no need to remove the traditional points or condenser and you will soon notice the benefits of easier starting and greater spark efficiency, giving better combustion throughout the rev range.

The points are only used as a trigger, so no big currents through the points anymore.
Also no deterioration or burning of the points, they will last forever.

The SX4000 is easy to install with just 4 wires to connect
Small Robust Compact design 90mm x 50mm x 30mm

It is strongly advised to replace the non suppressed original copper core leads (if fitted) to ensure the life of the new electronic ignition is secured. We also supply matching leads.
Negative earth only


Sparkrite™ Spark tester

Fitment between plug and cable
You see if a spark is present

3,- each

Universal coil

Sparkrite™ Ignition Sports Coil Ballast & Non Ballast

Suitable for any points type ignition system and is perfect for our AccuSpark Ignition Modules

The Sparkrite coil has been developed with impressive specifications and is the perfect upgrade for any points/electronic Ignition, this is one of the best coils on the market to date.

This is a high voltage coil with the resistance between 1.5 Ohms (without resistor) and 3.2 Ohms (with resistor).
Giving you excellent performance. These Sparkrite Coils are built to last.

Coil equivalent to Lucas DLB105 or Lucas DLB110
fits engines with points ignition or electronic ignition with or without a ballast resistor