AccuSpark . nl

Electronic Distributor



1. Turn engine to top dead centre using the appropriate timing marks on your car (usually on the crankshaft pulley). Ensure that the rotor is pointing to No. 1 spark plug lead. If it is pointing to No. 4, give the engine a further rotation to bring it to No. 1. Mark position of old distributor (then, at anytime you can put everything back as it was)

2. Disconnect the low-tension wire from your distributor and remove the vacuum pipe. Undo the distributor clamp plate and remove the old distributor

3. Loosen the clamp pinch bolt on your new distributor. The distributor is supplied with a single bolt clamp, you can use this or, if you prefer you can remove it and use your original clamp. Apply a small amount of oil and insert new distributor, it has an offset tooth that can only be engaged in one position. If you encounter problems inserting it, remove the 0 ring from the shaft on the distributor, wrap some coarse grit wet/dry paper around the shaft and twist the distributor a few turns to remove any imperfections or burrs. Replace the 0 ring , and try to insert again.

4. Remove cap and rotate the distributor body until the rotor points roughly towards No. 1 spark plug lead. Tighten the bolts sufficiently to stop it from turning freely but still allowing for adjustment.

5. Refit cap and leads .Reconnect the low-tension wire to the black wire on the distributor. Connect the red wire on the distributor to the positive terminal on the coil. If your car is fitted with a ballast wire or resistor, it is preferable to take the feed directly from any switched 12 volt feed BEFORE the resistor or wire in the loom (if you are unsure, you can take a feed directly from the back of the ignition key). To give an original appearance, tape the red wire into the loom with insulation tape. If there is no spare terminal on the coil, use the spade connector provided to bolt to the coil which will then enable you to connect the new distributor

6. Attempt to start car. If it does not start, rotate the distributor a small amount at a time to the left or the right. When the car is running, turn the distributor to obtain the fastest, smoothest idle.

7. Use strobe to check and set timing. When satisfied, refit vacuum pipe.

Note: AccuSpark 45D distributors are fitted with a combined rotor/trigger. Spares are available from our website. The box also contains a spare trigger which is used with an original type rotor arm.