AccuSpark® Electronic ignitions

Wiring Diagrams

Before Installing please read the following information

Please ensure you have the correct kit for your distributor

The Accuspark electronic ignition is designed only for negative ground cars only
Extreme care should be taken not to connect the black wire to any live connection .

Ensure the coil is correctly fitted before fitting your AccuSpark .

Ignition coils will work when connected in reverse , ensure the + terminal is on the live side and the - side goes to the points . Incorrectly fitted reversed coils are the most common cause of failure of the AccuSpark module . Remove the wires from coil with the ignition on and test wires with a volt meter or test bulb refit live wires to + terminal .


Plug black or blue wire from Accuspark into existing wire from coil
Cars May be fitted with a resistor or may have a high resistance ballast wire
For best results connect red AccuSpark™ wire to 12 volt feed before ballast resistor or ballast wire . Red AccuSpark™ wire can also be connected to + terminal on coil
Plug black or blue wire from Accuspark into existing wire from coil

Trouble Shooting.

If your AccuSpark Ignition appears not to work before returning , there are a number of checks you can make

Check that the rotor and trigger ring have been fitted , It is often the case that 1 or both is forgotten

The largest reason for failure is incorrectly fitted or faulty coils , especially in cars that have had there polarity changed from Positive to Negative earth .

When points are fitted a coil will work both ways round. It is often overlooked to reverse the coil when converting to Negative Earth . To look at the + and - markings on the coil is not sufficiant .

With all wires removed and ignition on ,the original ignition wires that will be connected to live should be tested with a test bulb or voltmeter and should show current , the wire to the - negative side should show no current . If this is the case connect wires .

If you have a Volt meter check Ohms reading across the two spade terminals with all wires disconnected . Standard ignition should show 3 Ohms and a Ballast ignition 1.5 ohms . The AccuSpark will need a reading of not less than 1.4 Ohms to function . Note Points ignition will still function with failing coil with a low reading .

With all wires connected remove number one HT lead , hold end of lead 3mm from engine block and crank engine. If sparking occurs then fault lies with ignition timing or firing order .

If no spark remove centre HT lead carry out same procedure . If HT lead sparks fault lies with rotor or cap .

If no spark ensure red wire from Accuspark is not connected to a reduced voltage wire source . Connect temporarily to a direct 12 volt source from fuse box or battery .

Check if fitted ,that the earth on the distributor base plate is in good condition .Check Ohms resistance from Module fixing screw to car body . If a poor earth is suspected then to ensure the AccuSpark Module is receiving a proper earth run a wire from module fixing screw out of distributor with other wires to a good earth .

If you are still unable to get your AccuSpark to function please contact for testing or full refund

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